Wheeler: The False Hope to Students Must Stop

Following another attempt by the Democratic Majority in the House of Representatives to pass disingenuous legislation (SB 2043), State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) had this to say:

“I’m saddened that another piece of legislation filled with false hope was shoved through the House today,” said Wheeler. “I’ve heard from so many students in my district who have worked very hard, done all the right things and earned a MAP grant to pursue their college education, they don’t deserve to be duped with false hope like this.”

Wheeler continued, “The simple fact is that this legislation is a lie and a counter proposal, HB 4539, which would have funded all higher education institutions with money we do have, wasn’t even considered. Without rebalancing our state budget, we don’t have any way to pay for their proposal and ensure hard working students will be able to go back to college in the fall. What we need to do is take the remarks from the Governor to heart, drop the partisan wrangling, step-up and come together to pass a reformed and comprehensive budget that funds all the programs people in Illinois rely on.”