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Tomorrow at noon, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner will deliver his annual Budget Address. The address will provide a blueprint to the General Assembly of how the Governor would like to see the state appropriate taxpayer dollars. 

You can watch it live online, Click Here.
From ABC Chicago: Find out if your school, business or daycare center is closed because of a weather emergency. 

The Emergency Closing Center lists the status of all reported ECC facilities. If you do not see your facility listed it means the facility has not reported a status change to ECC. Click Here.
The first day of the spring session was Tuesday, January 30. In addition to considering appropriation bills to make up the FY19 State of Illinois budget (for the fiscal year which starts on July 1, 2018), the Illinois House and Senate will consider many substantive bills. With considering Chicago as one possible location as the site for its second headquarters, the lawmakers will be eager to prioritize measures to improve Illinois as a place for job creation and enterprise. Continuing competition from other Midwestern states, especially Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin, is expected to be a major theme of the session’s substantive bill work. 
Speaking on the House floor, State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) called for a federal investigation of the leadership within the United Auto Workers labor union following horrific accounts of sexual harassment and abuse of female employees at the Ford plant in Chicago.

For more information about House Resolution 783, calling for the investigation, Click Here.
Following the annual State of the State address by Governor Rauner, State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) said she hopes the other side of the aisle will finally support similar reforms that have allowed the national economy to thrive.

“Last year, a renewed sense of confidence led to the beginning of a national economic surge. This economic surge has been increasingly buoyed by the federal reforms which have eliminated numerous burdens caused by government overreach, as well as comprehensive tax reform. Companies small and large across the nation are responding to these policy changes, whether it is the burgeoning craft brewery industry or the likes of Apple, Chase or Walmart. Across the nation, employee pay is rising, bonuses are being paid and major investment is taking place as the financial benefits of reform are being realized.
Rauner concentrates on health of private sector - Illinois in 2018 represents what would be the world’s 17th largest economy if the Prairie State were an independent country – roughly equivalent, in national terms, to the economies of Spain and Canada. The progress of this economy formed the heart of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s 2018 State of the State address to a joint session of the Illinois General Assembly on Wednesday.

Rauner reminded the lawmakers that Illinois is the home of 1.2 million job-creating small businesses, 36 Fortune 500 companies and 72,000 farms that plow 27 million acres of agricultural land. Illinois has 12.8 million residents, almost one-half of whom – 6.05 million – are in the nonfarm payroll workforce, making and producing goods and services that are in demand all over the world. Support for public and private education is a necessary part of continuing this record of achievement, and the Rauner administration and the General Assembly have increased funding for K-12 public schools by $1.2 billion. The administration last year proposed, and the General Assembly enacted, the Invest in Kids program to create tax incentives for donations to scholarship granting organizations that help high-achievement students obtain financial help to attend competitive private schools.

Today at noon, Governor Rauner will deliver his State of the State Address.

You can watch it live online, Click Here.