Wheeler Calls on Rauner to Protect Illinois' Troops

The Armed Forces Recruiting Center
in Crystal Lake
State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) today is urging Governor Bruce Rauner to join in the executive actions taken by various other states’ governors to protect our National Guardsmen in Illinois’ military installations in the wake of the Thursday attack on a Recruitment Center and Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“In these days of global terrorism, the members of our armed forces deserve the utmost protection,” said Wheeler. “By prohibiting the arming of our personnel in public facilities, we are making it nearly impossible for our service members to defend themselves.”

Governor Mary Fallin (R-Oklahoma) issued an executive order Friday authorizing the State’s Adjutant General to arm certain full-time military personnel on military installations throughout the state with weaponry deemed necessary to adequately provide for the safety of the facilities and their occupants.

Similarly, Governor Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) today proclaimed that Louisiana’s Adjutant General should identify and arm certain Guard personnel currently on state active duty as reasonably necessary to preserve the lives, property and security of themselves and other persons subject to threat of an attack.

“I commend Governor Fallin and Governor Jindal for their efforts to preserve the right of self-defense for their armed service members,” said Wheeler. “I believe it is time for Illinois to follow in the footsteps of these States and take this step to further prioritize the safety of our service members. I strongly urge Governor Rauner to sign an executive order directing the Illinois Adjutant General to similarly allow these practices in the best interest of our armed service members.”