Wheeler Calls House Democrat Budget a Back-Breaker for Middle Class Families

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) called the proposed fiscal year 2016 budget from the Illinois House Democrats a dishonest back-breaker of the middle class.

“The partisan budget offered today is filled with empty promises,” said Wheeler. “It promises spending $4 billion over what we expect in revenue. How can we tell our most vulnerable we will provide for them, but at the same time pass a budget that will run out of money and leave them at risk? It’s wrong, and I will not support an unbalanced budget.”

Illinois House Democrats have been producing a number of phony budget bills in recent weeks, knowing they would not pass. This week, after pulling away from bipartisan budget discussions, House Democrats introduced their own budget without input from the other side of the aisle or the Governor.

“If we’ve learned only one thing from the recession, it’s that we cannot spend more than we have,” said Wheeler. “The Illinois Constitution even says that we cannot spend more than we have. I would hope that the day after we honor the memory of our fallen soldiers, we would possess their same integrity and follow the laws of the country for which they have fought and died.”

Each year, the General Assembly produces revenue estimates for the upcoming budget. The Illinois Constitution requires that this projected revenue be used to craft a balanced budget so programs do not run out of money. The budget offered by House Democrats spends $4 billion more than expected revenue estimates and does not offer any way to fill the funding shortcomings.