FAQs For Residents and Governments Affected By Flooding

Enclosed are the following FAQs provided by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency:

1. FAQs for Residents Affected by Flooding
2. FAQs for Governments Affected by Flooding

FAQs for Residents Affected by Flooding:

What does the state disaster proclamation mean for me?
The state disaster proclamation ensures all available state resources are available to help municipal and county officials respond to and recover from the disaster. The proclamation also is necessary for the state to seek federal assistance.

Assistance available to residents at this point includes services from the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and other non-profit organizations, including shelters, food and flood clean-up kits. Please contact your county emergency management agency (EMA) to see if other types of assistance are available in your area.

My home was flooded. What should I do now?

  • Contact your county emergency management agency (EMA) to report damage to your home. For a list of county EMAs, visit www.Ready.Illinois.gov.
  • If you have flood insurance, contact your insurance company to report your damage.
  • Even if you don’t have flood insurance, you should still contact your insurance company to ensure all potential assistance has been sought.
  • Take pictures of the damage and make a list of any possessions damaged or destroyed.
  • Keep receipts for costs incurred during the flood, such as receipts for hotels, clean-up, replacement and repair.
  • Be safe when cleaning your home or making repairs.

Can I apply for federal assistance right now?
Federal assistance is not available at this time. However, county and state officials are working together to gather information needed to determine if the state may be eligible for federal assistance.

Are there state assistance programs available?
The state of Illinois does not have disaster assistance programs. Such assistance is only available under a federal disaster declaration.

What is the state doing to get assistance for people affected by flooding?
As waters recede, county emergency management officials will begin collecting initial damage information from affected residents. For that reason, it’s important for you to make your county EMA aware of your damage.

Once IEMA receives that information, a determination will be made on whether a more formal damage assessment should be conducted that could support a state request for federal assistance.

What would a federal disaster declaration mean to me?
Federal approval of the Individuals and Households Program assistance would enable residents affected by flooding to apply for:

  • Grants from FEMA
  • Low-interest loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

For more information, visit www.Ready.Illinois.gov or contact your local emergency management agency.

FAQs for Governments Affected by Flooding:

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