Wheeler Says Illinois Needs to Pursue Similar Economic Reforms to Federal Government

Following the annual State of the State address by Governor Rauner, State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) said she hopes the other side of the aisle will finally support similar reforms that have allowed the national economy to thrive.

“Last year, a renewed sense of confidence led to the beginning of a national economic surge. This economic surge has been increasingly buoyed by the federal reforms which have eliminated numerous burdens caused by government overreach, as well as comprehensive tax reform. Companies small and large across the nation are responding to these policy changes, whether it is the burgeoning craft brewery industry or the likes of Apple, Chase or Walmart. Across the nation, employee pay is rising, bonuses are being paid and major investment is taking place as the financial benefits of reform are being realized.

“In Illinois, we have made some small changes to support economic growth and job creation, like the recent reduction in LLC fees. However, as recent reports show, more people left Illinois last year than any other state and we remain far behind the economic growth being experienced in the rest of the nation. The fact is Illinois has stagnated because the other side of the aisle has refused to acknowledge the failure of their policies.

“It is my hope that my Democratic colleagues will finally recognize the necessity of reforming Illinois’ broken system and support reforms that will allow Illinois to once again be a growing state.”

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