Around Town with Tina: Johnsburg Infrastructure Project Underway

One of the most challenging infrastructure concerns for Johnsburg has been sewer and water. Currently that is being solved for residents on Church Street and St. Johns Avenue. During a May 23, 2017 meeting, they were given information on the upcoming sewer extension project with summarized connection options and associated costs to connect with the system and a time to answer any questions.

Construction is expected to be completed this fall which is when residents will get final notice that the system is ready for connection. Road improvements start at Hillcrest Place and continue east to just short of the intersection of Johnsburg Road. The Village was successful in securing $1.5 million for the road improvements. The Village received an ITEP grant, with the assistance of State Representative Barbara Wheeler, of approximately $1 million to help fund the installation of sidewalks, pedestrian lighting and other streetscape enhancements along Church Street and St. Johns Avenue consistent with those constructed as a part of the Johnsburg Road/Roundabout Project.

Sanitary sewer infrastructure is being installed in certain areas of the project. This installation is proceeding now so that there is no impact to the new roadway and streetscape enhancements in the future.

Property owners will have the option to immediately connect or they can choose to delay their connection for up to 5 years without incurring additional costs. If they wish to connect during the 5 year period, there are two options available:
  1. Without incurring any interest by paying the full connection fee of $21,000 up front at the time requesting connection to the system;
  2. If wish to connect but are unable to pay the full amount upfront, the Village has arranged a financing option for residents to connect to the system and repay the cost overtime. The Village is fronting the cost of the sewer extension and will include a debt retirement line item on utility bills that will allow residents to pay down the connection cost over a 20 year period. The monthly debt amount would be $138.50.
To see if you qualify for this program or are in the designated construction zone, please contact the Village at 815-385-6023.

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