In The News: Wheeler Bill Would Ban Box That Blocks College Students

From NPR Radio:
In a way, it's just one little box on a lengthy college application form. But for many would-be students, that box is more of a stop sign. State Rep. Barbara Wheeler, a Republican from Crystal Lake, sat down with NPR Education Desk reporter Dusty Rhodes to explain why.

"Education has a profound impact on keeping people out of prison and dramatically reducing recidivism. Right now, someone coming out of a corrections facility has a 44% chance of returning to prison, but with a bachelor’s degree that chance drops to 5.6%, and with a master’s degree it drops to 1%. If we can provide more opportunity for people coming out of the corrections system, we won't just be reducing crime and our prison population, we'll be adding contributing members to our economy and society, which benefits everyone," said Wheeler.

Listen to the interview, Click Here.

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