Wheeler Introduces Bill to Consolidate Electoral Boards and Reduce Costs

State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) has filed legislation to consolidate the number and type of electoral boards in Illinois to save taxpayer dollars and reduce the confusion caused by the convoluted process. Under House Bill 2472, electoral boards for municipalities, townships and community college boards will be consolidated under county electoral boards.

“Having separate electoral boards for these local governments adds unnecessary cost and confusion for taxpayers,” said Wheeler. “Since our county electoral boards are already designed to hear objections for multiple offices for election, like school districts and special districts, this is a simple and logical change.”

Right now, if an objection to a candidate for a municipal, township or community college board election is filed; those local governments must create their own electoral board to consider the objection. This process can cost a small local government thousands of dollars to form the electoral board, file and notify the various legal authorities, notify the parties in question, hold the necessary hearings, and in legal fees, particularly given this is all required to be done within a matter of days. However, county electoral boards can already hear objections for county offices, judgeships, school districts, multi-township assessors and all special districts. Since the county electoral board is already designated to hear objections for so many other offices, adding municipal, township and community college board objections to their duties is a logical cost saving step that will also reduce confusion and the potential for local bias or a conflict of interest on the local electoral board.

Wheeler used municipalities in McHenry as an example, “There are twenty-five municipalities in McHenry County. In an election year, if each of those municipalities had one candidate objection filed, all twenty-five would have to form their own electoral board. This is why consolidating the electoral board process is a no brainer.”

Read the details of House Bill 2472, Click Here.

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