Wheeler Votes for Full School Funding in FY17 and Six-Month Bridge Budget for Other Services

In the final hours of Fiscal Year 2016, Republican and Democrat lawmakers came together and approved a package of bills that funds K-12 education at record-high levels for all of FY17, and provides for six months of funding for all other key budget areas. In response to the approval of the bill package on Thursday, State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) has issued the following statement:

“As is the case with any negotiation, there are some good and some not-so-good elements of this budget package. I am very pleased to see a 12-month, clean education bill that funds our schools at the highest levels in Illinois history with 100% of the foundation level included. As budget negotiations for the second half of FY17 continue, it is reassuring to know that our school children will be removed from the crossfire.”

“Social service providers that limped by in FY16 due to the lack of a budget can now plan for FY17 knowing they have funding at least through the end of December. These agencies provide critical services to our most vulnerable citizens, and with the approval of SB 2047 they can now return to the wonderful work they do in our communities. As budget talks for the second half of the year continue, I will continue advocating for solid funding for these agencies.”