Around Town with Judy Martini: Antique train travels through Fox Lake

On Sunday, June 12, local residents and tourists were able to witness a rare site in Fox Lake, reminiscent of years gone by. An old steam engine and passenger cars traveled through Fox Lake on its way to Janesville, Wisconsin. The "765" locomotive was built in Ohio in 1944.The steam engine was named "The Varsity" and was retired by the railroad back in 1958.

Many tourists were lucky enough to grab a ticket on the nine-hour train ride to Wisconsin, which originated in Glenview. Several local officials were able to enjoy a wonderful lunch and were provided snacks. They told me the view from their antique dome car was wonderful. Some of the vintage passenger cars dated back to the 1930's.

With the cooler weather on Sunday, hundreds of people waited by the railroad tracks all the way from Glenview to Wisconsin with their cameras ready to photograph the historic trip. The site of the steam coming from the engine and the distinct sound of its horn was enjoyed by both young and old.