Wheeler Passes Legislation to Save Local Taxpayers Thousands

The House of Representative has passed legislation offered by State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) that will save local taxpayers thousands of dollars. House Bill 5584 allows two Lake County Sanitary Districts to have their duties and obligations taken over by Lake County, potentially saving local property taxpayers thousands annually.

“One of the major contributors to high property taxes in Illinois is the number of special taxing bodies we have,” said Wheeler. “Many of the services these taxing bodies provide can be easily assumed by a broader local government at lower cost. This is exactly the case with the Sanitary Districts in Round Lake and Fox Lake Hills. Lake County already has the infrastructure to provide these sanitary services and can save taxpayers thousands by assuming the responsibilities. It’s an obvious move and I hope more opportunities like this can be found to keep more money in residents’ pockets.”

House Bill 5584 provides that the Round Lake Sanitary District and the Fox Lake Hills Sanitary District may enter into agreements with Lake County to assume their assets and responsibilities and then dissolve. This would be a cost saver for local residents because the County already performs these duties in many areas and has the infrastructure to take over the sanitary district duties at lower cost to taxpayers.

For more detail on House Bill 5584, click here.