House passes constitutional amendment to protect road funds

The Illinois House voted Friday to support a proposed Constitutional Amendment that seeks to protect a funding mechanism for Illinois’ roads, highways, and transportation systems. HJRCA 36 passed the House overwhelmingly and now moves to the Senate for consideration.

“This Constitutional Amendment is meant to stop the misuse of taxpayer dollars intended for road repair and other transportation infrastructure projects,” State Rep. David Reis said. “I am proud to join the bipartisan effort to require those funds only be used for transportation-related purposes.”

House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 36 seeks to amend the Illinois Constitution to say that tax dollars collected via the motor fuel tax, vehicle registration fees, and license taxes will be used exclusively for transportation-related purposes.

“When we pay taxes on fuel, when we pay for our vehicle registrations, when our businesses pay taxes and fees to obtain special licenses and license plates, we expect that those dollars will be returned to our communities to help maintain and repair our roads and highways,” Reis said. “In the past, the road fund has been swept and the money that is supposed to be set aside for road repair and transportation needs is used to fund other non-related projects.”

Reis says that the passage of the Amendment will help to ensure that motor fuel tax and other transportation related fees and taxes will actually go to adequately maintaining and improving Illinois’ transportation infrastructure.