House in Recess; Republicans Protest

Illinois has moved well into its ninth month without a budget plan to control state spending. More than $7 billion in unpaid bills have piled up, but the Democrat-controlled Illinois House this week completed the first of what are expected to be four weeks of spring recess. House Republicans have rejected the recess motion made by the majority party and have lodged a demand that the lawmakers stay in Springfield to continue negotiations on a budget compromise.

“It’s egregious that the House would take a one-month break in the middle of the heart of our regularly scheduled session, especially when there’s so much work that’s unresolved,” asserted Rep. Tom Demmer. On the final session day before the recess (March 3), Demmer lodged a motion on the Illinois House floor for the lawmaking body to remain in session. However, the House Democrat majority presiding officer ruled the motion out of order without a floor vote. House Republicans continue to protest the refusal and have filed an official Dissent and Protest of the ruling of the chair for placement in the House Journal.

The Illinois House is expected to resume session on Monday, April 4.