Wheeler Says It’s Time For A Responsible Budget To Be Offered

Following the announcement today that Gov. Rauner has vetoed the remaining 19 budget bills passed by partisan vote, State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) has said it’s time for the negotiations to reopen and a responsible budget offered. House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) has been unwilling to return to the negotiating table as a government shutdown looms on July 1. Rauner said he would not approve the Speaker’s budget that was nearly $4 billion out of balance and today held firm to that stance.

“Today, the Governor held firm to his word that he would not sign a budget that is out of balance and lacks reform,” said Wheeler. “My constituents and I have been committed to reform and I’m happy that the Governor has not given in; standing up for the middle class families that are being drown by an ever increasing tax burden.”

Wheeler went on, “For the past month, my fellow legislators and I have gone to Springfield hoping that we would be discussing bills for a bipartisan and responsible budget. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened, instead we subjected to fake hearings on all manner of other issues. This continued despite Gov. Rauner, and we Republicans, offering comprise solutions. This was demonstrated again yesterday when Gov. Rauner signed the K-12 education funding bill that removed our school budgets from the ongoing stalemate. That being said, the time for a responsible budget is now, I implore the Speaker and the politicians he controls to join us back at the negotiating table so we can enact much need budgetary reforms and move our state forward. A failure to do so would leave many of our most vulnerable in an unnecessary state of uncertainty.”