Concealed Carry Clean-up Bill Approved with Bipartisan Majority in Both Houses

SB 836 responds to concerns raised by Illinois firearms owners and law enforcement. It creates a protocol to govern law enforcement or public safety stops of citizens, such as traffic stops, when the citizen is armed with a concealed firearm. The bill authorizes a citizen to move a concealable firearm from a concealed location on his or her person to the trunk of a car or truck, and vice versa. The measure clarifies that obeying the laws contained within the Concealed Carry Act shall protect a citizen from being cited or arrested for unlawful use of a weapon.

SB 836 was supported by many lawmakers of both political parties. State Rep. Ed Sullivan, a chief co-sponsor, was the lead negotiator of SB 836 for the House Republicans. Approval by both houses cleared the pathway to send this measure to the Governor for his signature.