Auditor General Holland to Retire

The Illinois Auditor General, in office since 1992, is appointed on a nonpartisan basis by the Illinois General Assembly. Bill Holland told the press on Wednesday that he plans to step down in December.

Article VIII of the Illinois Constitution asks the Auditor General and his or her office to conduct the audit of public funds of the State of Illinois. He or she shall make additional reports and investigations as directed by the General Assembly. Investigative work led by Holland’s office into a former program of the Pat Quinn administration, the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, played a role in press coverage of Quinn and his unsuccessful campaign for re-election in 2014.

As news of Holland’s retirement spread, reporters and members of both political parties paid tribute to his office’s investigative work and watchdogging against former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. The Auditor General’s performance audit of Blagojevich’s Department of Central Management Services (CMS) played a role in starting up further inquiries that culminated in the former governor’s impeachment, conviction, and removal from office.