Wheeler Says Springfield Turned into Circus for Second Straight Week

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) today said Springfield was turned into a circus for the second week in a row as the Democratic Majority in the House once again forced an extraneous vote on legislation not meant to become law. This time, the phony legislation was in relation to Gov. Rauner’s proposed “right to work” zones.

“My constituents sent me to Springfield to right the sinking ship that is the financial situation of our state,” said Wheeler. “Instead, for the second straight week the House has been turned into a circus with lopsided committees of the whole and doomed bills that are disrupting the progress we have been making in negotiations toward a budget deal.”

Various stake holders have been meeting with working groups that include Senators and Representatives from both parties over recent weeks to work out the details of various budget proposals, including the issue of right to work zones. However, no agreement has yet been struck between the involved parties. As with last week’s bogus legislation that claimed to restore human services funding, Wheeler voted present to highlight the irregular and purely partisan nature of today’s action.

“I realize that the 64th District has a diversely employed population, many in various types of unions, and I was sent here to represent every person in the district, not just one group,” said Wheeler. “Make no mistake, today’s vote was for mail pieces, not about making the changes we need.”

Wheeler continued, “We are billions of dollars in debt, and $100 billion in the hole on our pension liabilities. This is unacceptable and the current design of the system is failing everyone from the trade union member to the small business owner to the individual property taxpayer. Today’s debate was an orchestrated opportunity for one party to pander to the middle class, despite the fact the status quo is causing the middle class to suffer in Illinois.”