Wheeler Bill to Aide Homeowners Expected to Move in Senate

Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) recently passed House Bill 437 with the full support of the Illinois House. The bill allows for municipalities and counties to set up composting days, much like yard sale days, and also creates permanent compost collection sites so yard waste can be converted into useful materials.

“A number of communities have banned the burning of leaves and lawn waste, making it very difficult for homeowners to deal with the excess waste,” said Wheeler. “This bill makes it easy for residents to dispose of the waste at drop-off locations or on special collection days. It also provides the added benefit of ensuring lawn garbage can actually be turned into something useful.”

HB 437 will authorize municipalities and counties to approve one-day compostable waste collection events. Creation of these one-day events, which will be operated in a manner similar to one-day yard sale events, will encourage homeowners to work with compostable waste collectors to turn their yard waste and compostable household garbage into useful materials.

As more and more communities ban the burning of lawn waste, homeowners have been left with few options to dispose of the waste. In some cases, the anaerobic bacteria active in the final stage of a compost pile can create odors, and the compost pile is not acceptable to neighbors. A neighborhood compostable collection program can move the final stage of the composting process into a low-density residential area and help create a compost chain that will be acceptable. HB 437 was unanimously approved by the House on April 17 and is now awaiting a hearing in the Senate Environment and Conservation Committee before it will be considered before the full Senate and sent to Gov. Rauner.

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