Wheeler: Actions Today Will Stall Budget Talks and Hurt Families Further

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) today called an effort by Democrats to amend and pass an un-agreed to budget bill a direct demonstration by Speaker Madigan to circumvent the budget process.

“Today, we have seen the worst of politics in Illinois rear its ugly head once again,” said Wheeler. “Illinois families are hurting; Illinoisans have made it clear they want an honest and bipartisan budget that brings everyone to the table. The action taken today completely ignores that and is going to make it even harder to help our families through the harsh fiscal reality we are facing.”

Without prior notice, Speaker Madigan filed and passed an amendment out of his Rules Committee to a budget bill and then brought it immediately before the full House Chamber. Upon its immediate failure, Democrats filed 15 subsequent amendments and immediately brought them to the floor, deliberately to disallow Republicans adequate time to review the amendments offered.

These actions forced a series of partisan votes aimed at undermining the budget process and thwarting the ability of minority legislators to participate. Wheeler and her fellow Republicans voted Present to highlight this irregular and purely partisan disruption of the budget process.

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