Prescription Drug Disposal Fund To Aid Local Communities

The Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Fund is set to provide help to community law enforcement agencies to collect unwanted and unneeded prescription pharmaceuticals from Illinois households. In many cases, a patient’s health status changes, leaving pharmaceuticals on hand. Grants from the Fund will help local police collect, transport, and incinerate these pharmaceuticals under secure conditions.

While the Fund is not new, the circumstances under which it was set up and paid for meant that it took several years to gather moneys necessary to operate it. Former Illinois Representative JoAnn Osmond wrote the bill creating the Fund so that the money came not from taxes paid by taxpayers, but from a supplemental fine imposed on specific drug offenses. HB 2056 became law in 2011, and the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA) announced on Tuesday, March 31 that moneys in the Fund are now sufficient to start giving out grants to Illinois police forces. Implementation of the grant program will be affected by the current freeze on new State spending imposed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

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