Loophole Closed to Honor Service Members

A loophole in State law currently denies the tribute of a statewide memorial flag observance (flag raised to half-staff) for a man or woman killed in U.S. armed forces uniform if the person was killed in the course of duty training. This is expected to change soon.

After Major Reid B. Nannen of Hopedale, Illinois, a Marine Corps aviator, was killed in a training accident at TOPGUN Naval Air Station in Nevada on March 1, 2014, his father Dale Nannen learned of the loophole and launched a grass-roots push to change State law. HB 2932 will allow the Governor to issue an official proclamation of memorial flag raising in honor of men and women in uniform who are killed in training. Flags will continue to be flown at half-staff for Illinois persons in uniform who are killed in the course of active duty.

The unanimous House vote to pass HB 2932 on Tuesday, April 21, was 114-0-0 (see details here). Representative Sommer’s bill, which was backed by more than 60 House sponsors, was sent to the Senate for further action.

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