House and Senate reach 3rd Rreading Deadline

The deadline refers to the ability of members of all four General Assembly caucuses to get bills they have sponsored out of their houses of origin. The “Third Reading Deadline” is the deadline for the House to pass bills over to the Senate, and for the Senate to pass bills over to the House. From here on until the end of the 2015 spring session, the House will be dealing with Senate bills, and vice versa. House Republicans will closely scrutinize these Senate bills.

As of the morning of Friday, April 24 (deadline day), the Senate had sent 251 bills (see bills here) and one joint resolution to the House for further action.

The House has sent 331 measures (see bills here) to the Senate. This reflects almost three-quarters (331/444) of the 444 House bills let out of House committee for floor consideration. More measures may be sent over before the deadline at the close of business on Friday.

As the end of session gets closer, bill actions may move faster and break quicker than they did earlier in session. Check out The Caucus Blog for frequent updates on Illinois House legislative action.

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