State’s Chief Executive Appoints New Leader for One of Illinois’ Largest Agencies

The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) operates 25 prisons throughout Illinois. The Department also operates boot camps, work camps and adult transition centers. Nearly 49,000 persons are residents of State of Illinois confinement facilities. In addition, IDOC supervises about 29,000 men and women who are on parole.

With an annual budget of more than $1.3 billion, IDOC is on the front lines not only of Illinois’ public-safety and security needs but also its current budget situation. Governor Rauner has gone outside Illinois to appoint a new director for the Department. Donald Stolworthy (read more in the SouthernIllinoisan), age 54, will head Illinois’ correctional system. After becoming experienced in corrections management in the Alaska Department of Corrections, Stolworthy moved to the federal government and worked at a high-ranking executive level in Iraq and in the international War on Drugs.

Most, or all, of Illinois’ prisons are overcrowded in relation to design residency levels. Governor Rauner has called for the hiring of 473 new correctional officers in an attempt to improve security conditions at Illinois’ existing prisons.

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