First Lady Diana Rauner is Lead Witness at Inaugural Meeting of Legislative Panel

A bipartisan committee created by the Illinois House has been asked to look into redoubling efforts by Illinois school districts to prevent school shootings and lethal violence in places of education. The Violence Prevention Task Force met for the first time in Chicago on Monday, February 23. The lead witness at the inaugural hearing was Diana Rauner, president of the Chicago-based Ounce of Prevention Fund.

One key goal of the committee is to study the recommendations being put into practice in other states such as Connecticut. The eastern state was the site of the widely-covered Sandy Hook school shooting incident in December 2012. Connecticut reforms enacted after the massacre include increasing the security of school buildings, increasing the monitoring of entry and exit points into school buildings and school properties, and improving the speed and frequency of school evacuation drills.

A further Connecticut report calls for more intense psychological classification, monitoring, and treatment of persons who are judged to be at risk to become perpetrators of shooting incidents. The Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate report ( was published in November 2014. The Associated Press and its partner, the “Northwest Herald,” described the organizational meeting:

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