College Illinois Announces a Cost Reduction in Their Prepaid Plans

The state’s 529 prepaid tuition plan, College Illinois, offers families a flexible and affordable option to prepay college tuition, locking in tuition rates at today’s current prices so that no matter how high tuition rates climb, by the time a child or grandchild is ready to attend college families can breathe easy knowing tuition is covered. Prices on plans have been reduced by up to 29%, making a College Illinois prepaid plan available to fit almost any budget.

College Illinois tuition benefits can actually be used at almost any public or private college or university within Illinois or across the country. As a state 529 plan, College Illinois also offers great tax benefits and flexible payment options. All plan contributions are kept in a separate Prepaid Tuition Trust Fund, which by law can only be used to pay tuition benefits and run the program.

Find out more about how College Illinois can help make college affordable by visiting before enrollment closes on April 30, 2015.

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